LMBlock Handloom Cluster

Identification of Weavers in the LM Block Handloom Cluster

January 25, 2024 | by Okcharphi A.C


Embarking on an exploration as part of the LM Block Handloom Cluster Project under the National Handloom Development Programme, our journey took us through villages such as Teinem, Sirarakhong, Leisan and Tora. Within these communities, the weavers, integral to the project’s focus, predominantly engage in the use of traditional Loin looms. Their daily sustenance is intricately woven with threads of handloom craftsmanship and agricultural pursuits.

The generational continuity of their craft is a compelling aspect, as a tradition of weaving has been faithfully passed down from their grandparents. This heritage is not just a casual pursuit; rather, it is a deeply rooted commitment that they approach with a sense of duty and reverence.

Witnessing their dedication firsthand during the survey conducted as part of the project, it becomes apparent that their hard work extends beyond mere livelihood. This article seeks to illuminate the multifaceted lives of these weavers, exploring the intricate tapestry of tradition, skill, and resilience that defines their existence within the LM Block Sira Handloom Cluster.


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