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Weaving a Future: Empowering Tanrui’s Transformation

February 7, 2024 | by Okcharphi A.C


Unveiling Potential: Weaving’s Role in Tanrui’s Transformation

Nestled in the western expanse of Ukhrul district, Manipur, Tanrui thrives on agriculture, with notable crops like rice, corn and pulses. Despite its agricultural prowess, weaving remains an untapped resource among the predominantly Christian residents.

Eager for Change: Embracing Weaving for Livelihood Enhancement

Recognizing the need for diversification, villagers eagerly seek new skills to uplift their livelihood. Weaving emerges as a promising avenue for transformation, promising manifold benefits with proper training initiatives. By equipping themselves with weaving skills, Tanrui’s residents can enhance their income, contribute to family sustenance, and bolster the economic fabric of the community.

Hope on the Horizon: The National Handloom Development Programme’s Impact

The arrival of the National Handloom Development Programme brings joy and optimism to Tanrui, signaling a turning point in their aspirations for economic growth and cultural preservation.

Weaving isn’t merely about textiles; it’s a catalyst for empowerment and economic resilience. With support and training, Tanrui’s residents can weave a path towards sustainable prosperity.


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