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Celebrating National Handloom Day at Sirarakhong Village: A Weaving Extravaganza

February 25, 2024 | by Okcharphi A.C

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On the radiant morning of August 7, 2023, Sirarakhong Village came alive with vibrant hues and rhythmic patterns as it celebrated National Handloom Day. The clock struck 11:30 am, marking the commencement of a momentous event led by Ishmael Ramsan, the dynamic President of the village Youth Club.

Opening with Grace

The proceedings commenced with a soulful opening prayer by Mrs. Annah Ramsan, Secretary of Sirarakhong’s Handloom and Handicrafts Society. As the echoes of the prayer resonated through the village, it set the tone for a day dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of handloom traditions.

Pledging for Tradition

Amidst the looms and intricate weavings, the community gathered to take a collective pledge. Led by Ishmael Ramsan, the pledge aimed to integrate the village’s handloom products and traditions into their daily lives, fostering a commitment to preserving and promoting their cultural legacy.

Insights and Inspirations

The event unfolded with enlightening speeches from distinguished guests. Mrs. Kaphungwon Ramsan, Vice President BJP Mahila Morcha, Ukhrul District, shared her thoughts on the significance of handloom. Okcharphi Ahum Chahong, Cluster Development Executive of LM Block , delved into the vast variety of projects and improvements awaiting implementation. Their speeches emphasized the crucial role handloom plays in both livelihoods and the flourishing textile industry.

Recognizing Excellence

Highlighting the skill and dedication of Sirarakhong’s weavers, outstanding individuals were honored with certificates for their exceptional contributions. The recognition not only applauded their craftsmanship but also served as a source of inspiration for the entire community.

Closing with Gratitude

As the event neared its conclusion, Mrs. Ngalayo W. Shimray, Shimhon Chairperson of the Handloom and Handicraft Society, graced the gathering with a closing prayer. Expressing gratitude for the day’s festivities, she invoked blessings for the continued prosperity of handloom traditions.

A Tapestry of Tradition and Progress

National Handloom Day at Sirarakhong Village transcended beyond a celebration, it was a reaffirmation of cultural pride and a commitment of the future. The blend of tradition, innovation, and recognition underscored the village’s dedication to not just preserving but elevating their handloom heritage. As the rhythmic clatter of the looms persists, it echoes the resilience and creativity of a community determined to weave a vibrant legacy for the ages.


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